My name is Isara Koy Suntichotinun. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but moved to San Diego, California at the age of four. Being a family of immigrants, we moved again to Boiling Springs, South Carolina where I finished high school in South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. I spent two years at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and now I am currently taking a leave of absence back in San Diego to work and do some self-discovery. I'm a dog person and New York style pizza is my favorite kind of pizza.

You can usually find me at my parent’s restaurant located in La Jolla, CA called Aroi Café!


Isara Koy Suntichotinun is a multi–disciplinary artist who studied in School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently studying sociology in Grossmont College. His passion begins in the fine arts but it thrives within the study of semiotics and graphic design. He’s interested in ways of marketing to the public and being able to combine his study in the fine arts with his experience with graphic design. His interest for visual language can be translated not only within graphic digital fabrications of illustration and typography, but also within sculpture, video, and performance. His dream is to advocate for progressive non–profits and is currently working on a project entitled Children of Immigrants, which is a fundraiser he designed a t–shirt and any profits made from selling them will be donated to the ACLU to further protect the rights of undocumented immigrants.


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